Practise makes perfect..

And oh boy…am i going to need to practise!!


But then again how much fun would it be if we could already do everything?

Susanne and i have recently been trying our hand at photoing birds, and i know the good old Seagull isn’t exactly a rarity…but there are lots of them and easy to get close to with the help of a bag of old bread 🙂


Although we don’t really have the best lenses for this and rely on getting as close as possible it is still so much fun. There are a lot of very tallented photographer out there that share tips and tricks in books and magazines, and every time you open one of these you learn something new, something to inspire you to pack the camera bag with coffee (for us) and a bag of old bread (for our feathered friends).


It is a whole new technique to learn and thanks to the digital age it’s not a problem that it took close to 300 pictures to get these 3!!

These pictures are also placed in the gallery “Birds and other flying creatures”


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