Bee attack…

…but not me thankfully!!

Driving slowly along a gravel road we spotted a few unusual butterflies, but as so often happens, by the time we’ve stopped and climbed out of the car with the cameras they are long gone. But there was a lone little Brimstone butterfly (or at least he thought he was alone 😉 ) so i set autofocus on search and started snapping…suddenly a bee appeared in the searcher, a bee i guess thought he had (or wanted to have) the flower all to himself.


He flew direct in under the butterflys wings and went to attack. Within a few seconds the bee had won and the butterfly was knowhere to be seen.


Nature is beautiful, but not always as peaceful as we might want to believe.


You don’t need to travel to a game reserve in Africa to see creatures protecting their territories.

These images can also be found along with others in the gallery “Birds and other flying creatures”


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