Yet another favourite…

About a month ago Sussi received a tip from a friend about a walk along Svartån (a river just north of Västerås) The start point is in the village of Svanå, and is 3,5km of the most wonderful nature, along the meandering river, over a little bridge and back along the other side.



This had become a real favourite walk for us and we’ve visited a number of times, cameras in hand and thermos full with coffee.


We have never left disappointed, you are greeted by amazing song from birds flying around in the treetops direct you climb out of the car…our latest visit on Sunday we were treated to the sound of a Cuckoo that followed us around from start to finish, although the only sighting of it was a distant silhouette at the top of a tree. Other birds weren’t quite so shy, and this sandpiper was more than happy for me to take his picture…almost posing for me for a few minutes.


I guess the animals enjoy the environment just as much as we do, on Sunday during a little shower a duck mother came swimming past, 10!!! Little ones in tow 🙂


A few minutes later a beaver made an appearance, it’s not the first time we’ve seen him and he doesn’t seem to be too concerned about our presence.


Even the short drive there and back can be an adventure.

On the way home the other day we were admiring the incredible sunset behind us…


Only to notice the car in front had spotted something else, a long way of across the field a heard of Wild Boar we enjoying a free evening meal…I have never seen these in the wild before and hope that this is as close as I get to them!


I have updated to galleries with these pictures as well as some more from our adventures so  don’t forget to have a look in…

“Birds and other flying creatures”

“The world around us”

“Abstract and Artistic”


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