Holiday pictures….

…but not as you know them 🙂

I have recently returned from a fantastic week long holiday with my family. It was certainly needed following the cold start to our Swedish summer, and a week on the Greek island of Kos with +30C and sunshine was just what was needed to charge the batteries.

Despite my love of photography the traditional holiday photos…pool, beach, bar, tourists standing in front of monuments etc. has never been my strong point and this holiday was no different. Although i did manage to explore some of the other wildlife around Kardamena with the macro…my weapon of choice 🙂


We did start every day though with a lovely walk. Setting the alarm early to take ourselves out while the sun was still low on the horizon, a chance to look around and explore before the heat of the day forced us to the beach and pool where a cooling swim was never far away. Above is a view from just outside the hotel complex early one morning.

As with most hotels in Greece where i have stayed there has always been the regulation thin looking cats wondering around, i have always wondered how it goes for them walking around in the intense heat in a fur jacket…but they were quite sociable and were more that happy to pose for a piccie or two.


Also hanging around just ouside our room, living in the biggest web i’ve ever seen were some less desirable creatures…


You wouldn’t want this little fella hanging around above your bed when it’s time to sleep 😉


Although if you can take your eyes of this furry little fella we were also surrounded by some of the most beautiful flowers..



In the heat we were also blessed with a wonderful breeze…very welcome when we were on the beach, although as all of you that photo macro know, it can cause a few problems!!

Having said that, i did find some opportunities to experiment with the light and beautifil flowers..




On one of our morning walks Sussi and I took a little walk into the wilderness…where the undergrowth was alive with what i guess was lizzards, although i didn’t manage to catch one of them with the Nikon and the thought that there might have been snakes there too meant i didn’t go looking for them either 😉  But closer to the dusty road there was no shortage of subjects to point the macro at….probably just before they became breakfast for the lizzards and snakes.




So there you have it…a slightly unusual collection of holiday pics 😉

I promise to write another post soon to show you a bit more of the beautiful and friendly destination of Kos.

All the picture here and a few extras can be found in the galleries…

“Macro..a big little world”

“The world around us”

“Abstract and Artistic”


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