Down by the river…

..somewhere in Västmanland.


Although the camera isn’t always pointing towards the water 😉

As usual when we pack the camera and coffee for a trip out it usually ends up being somewhere by a river or lake. Probably because of the rich veriety of plant and animal life, but also there always seems to be a calm that lets you forget whatever else is going on in your hectic life, even if just for a short while, it’s the chance to escape into another world through the glass of the lens.


I’m not sure if Mother and child here were surprised to see me there, posing for a piccie, or just waiting for me to trip over and give them a good laugh…what ever it was it lasted only a few seconds before they went back to the most important activity to them, eating 😉


Here was somebody else that was surprised to see us. Sussi thought it was a nest full of baby birds tweeting away until she looked behind a big boulder and there they were, so many cute baby Weasels running around and playing. When they realised we were there watching them, they soon disappeared but the odd brave one couldn’t resist a nosey look…but they were quick!


Another usually shy creature is the beaver, but at a newly discovered place they seem to have accepted that people walk by, point cameras at them and watch them working and playing. We have stood there for hours watching them playing and swimming around..this one even started splashing around with his paddle just in front of us.


But above all else it is the peace and quiet, the calm, and the chance to escape that i look forward to every time the camera and thermos go into the backpack.

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Mmmm…maybe it is.

But on a usual Swedish summer day, you know the ones i, rain, wind etc. Sussi and i decided to pay a visit to the butterfly house in Haga park in Stockholm.

As usual the camera came along for the trip too 🙂   Although there was no shortage of subject matter to point the macro at is wasn’t easy to get a good picture. It was hot, damp, fairly compact, and being typical summer weather a vast majority of Stockholms inhabitants had the same idea as us 😉


But it was fun and good experience


It’s difficult to get an idea of scale but some of these butterflies were huge and when they came flying by it was almost like a little bird. The ones in the pictures below must have had a wingspan of 12-13cm!



We will almost certainly go back and try our luck again, but next time it’ll be an early morning when the kids are at school 😉

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…Was the name give by my father to this little sweetie who has been visiting our garden almost daily since my parents were here in May.


I am guessing that he got the name from the character “Cyril the squirrel” from the MaisyMouse books created by Lucy Cousins during the 1980’s


But don’t be fooled, they weren’t just popping by to be sociable…there was food involved!!

We still had our feeders out for the birds and from their little place on the tree they could just reach out and grab themselves a paw full of sunflower seeds. I say “they” as Cyril wasn’t alone…nope, good news, aspecially about food seems to spread fast and before long we had the whole family here helping themselves to seeds 🙂


And even though both Sussi and I were standing there on a daily basis with a long lens pointing at them they still managed to look surprised sometimes when they got caught in hte act..


Now we’ve stopped feeding the birds Cyril and Co. haven’t visited as regular…but they are still around in the tree tops and we hope they will be back again when we start feeding the birds again 🙂

All these pictures can be found along with lots lots more in “the-world-around-us” so please go in and have a look around.

Dew drops…

Since purchasing my macro lens in the spring this was the first opportunity i’ve had to be out at stupid o’clock and crawl around in the dew covered undergrowth. I have seen so many pictures over the years, gained so much inspiration, and at last it was my turn to experiment…


The alarm rang for the first time at 03:00, by the time we’de made some breakfast to take with us and filled the all important thermos with coffee, driven the 20km to where we were going it was about 04:15. This being Sweden and summer, the sun had already made it’s way a fair bit up into the sky.


It was just as much fun as i had expected…as learning something new always is. Experimenting with the light, magnifications, reflections, camera settings…..i think in the first 1,5 hours i managed about 250 exposures 🙂


We weren’t the only ones that were out enjoying the early morning dew. It is this time, early in the morning as the sun is rising that the undergrowth comes to life, insects drying their wings and stretching their bodies. This little mosquito sat at the top of a blade of grass, taking a drink from the drop of water, waiting for the first rays of sun to warm it up….i will come back with more pictures of early morning insect soon….



I think i could have stayed there for hours but unfortunately the dew doesn’t have the same plans or wishes as me, and with the sun getting higher in the sky and the air warming up the subject matter gradually disappeared…..but it will return, and so will i!! 😉

Hope you enjoy these pictures and remember that these, along with many others can be found in “Macro…a big little world”