Dew drops…

Since purchasing my macro lens in the spring this was the first opportunity i’ve had to be out at stupid o’clock and crawl around in the dew covered undergrowth. I have seen so many pictures over the years, gained so much inspiration, and at last it was my turn to experiment…


The alarm rang for the first time at 03:00, by the time we’de made some breakfast to take with us and filled the all important thermos with coffee, driven the 20km to where we were going it was about 04:15. This being Sweden and summer, the sun had already made it’s way a fair bit up into the sky.


It was just as much fun as i had expected…as learning something new always is. Experimenting with the light, magnifications, reflections, camera settings…..i think in the first 1,5 hours i managed about 250 exposures 🙂


We weren’t the only ones that were out enjoying the early morning dew. It is this time, early in the morning as the sun is rising that the undergrowth comes to life, insects drying their wings and stretching their bodies. This little mosquito sat at the top of a blade of grass, taking a drink from the drop of water, waiting for the first rays of sun to warm it up….i will come back with more pictures of early morning insect soon….



I think i could have stayed there for hours but unfortunately the dew doesn’t have the same plans or wishes as me, and with the sun getting higher in the sky and the air warming up the subject matter gradually disappeared…..but it will return, and so will i!! 😉

Hope you enjoy these pictures and remember that these, along with many others can be found in “Macro…a big little world”


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