Mmmm…maybe it is.

But on a usual Swedish summer day, you know the ones i, rain, wind etc. Sussi and i decided to pay a visit to the butterfly house in Haga park in Stockholm.

As usual the camera came along for the trip too 🙂   Although there was no shortage of subject matter to point the macro at is wasn’t easy to get a good picture. It was hot, damp, fairly compact, and being typical summer weather a vast majority of Stockholms inhabitants had the same idea as us 😉


But it was fun and good experience


It’s difficult to get an idea of scale but some of these butterflies were huge and when they came flying by it was almost like a little bird. The ones in the pictures below must have had a wingspan of 12-13cm!



We will almost certainly go back and try our luck again, but next time it’ll be an early morning when the kids are at school 😉

All these pictures you can find in the gallery “macro..a big little world” so please go in and have a look around.


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