…Was the name give by my father to this little sweetie who has been visiting our garden almost daily since my parents were here in May.


I am guessing that he got the name from the character “Cyril the squirrel” from the MaisyMouse books created by Lucy Cousins during the 1980’s


But don’t be fooled, they weren’t just popping by to be sociable…there was food involved!!

We still had our feeders out for the birds and from their little place on the tree they could just reach out and grab themselves a paw full of sunflower seeds. I say “they” as Cyril wasn’t alone…nope, good news, aspecially about food seems to spread fast and before long we had the whole family here helping themselves to seeds 🙂


And even though both Sussi and I were standing there on a daily basis with a long lens pointing at them they still managed to look surprised sometimes when they got caught in hte act..


Now we’ve stopped feeding the birds Cyril and Co. haven’t visited as regular…but they are still around in the tree tops and we hope they will be back again when we start feeding the birds again 🙂

All these pictures can be found along with lots lots more in “the-world-around-us” so please go in and have a look around.


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