Down by the river…

..somewhere in Västmanland.


Although the camera isn’t always pointing towards the water 😉

As usual when we pack the camera and coffee for a trip out it usually ends up being somewhere by a river or lake. Probably because of the rich veriety of plant and animal life, but also there always seems to be a calm that lets you forget whatever else is going on in your hectic life, even if just for a short while, it’s the chance to escape into another world through the glass of the lens.


I’m not sure if Mother and child here were surprised to see me there, posing for a piccie, or just waiting for me to trip over and give them a good laugh…what ever it was it lasted only a few seconds before they went back to the most important activity to them, eating 😉


Here was somebody else that was surprised to see us. Sussi thought it was a nest full of baby birds tweeting away until she looked behind a big boulder and there they were, so many cute baby Weasels running around and playing. When they realised we were there watching them, they soon disappeared but the odd brave one couldn’t resist a nosey look…but they were quick!


Another usually shy creature is the beaver, but at a newly discovered place they seem to have accepted that people walk by, point cameras at them and watch them working and playing. We have stood there for hours watching them playing and swimming around..this one even started splashing around with his paddle just in front of us.


But above all else it is the peace and quiet, the calm, and the chance to escape that i look forward to every time the camera and thermos go into the backpack.

All these pictures and lots of others can be found in “The world around us” & “Abstract & Artistic” so please go in and have a look around 🙂


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