Sign of the times…

Or at least a sign that autumn is on it way!

I gave Sussi a lift to work yesterday and decided to make the most of getting up early a Saturday morning like this in August. I’d packed the camera bag and the regulation thermos with coffee and a bit of breakfast too, i continued to Åholmens Naure reserve between Västerås and Eskilstuna, a beautiful area with easy walks and no shortage of subjects for a hobby photographer.

There are so many unusual plants and flowers at Åholmen but despite the beautiful weather we have just now it felt very much like Autumn walking around this damp forest.


One thing though, there wasn’t any shortage of was spiders webs.


Had i been there an hour or so earlier i might have been able to see them glistening away, heavy with the morning dew…but it was still am amazing sight to see them in the low warm morning sun.


And although the area was full of webs there were very few spiders to be seen…some people might think this if a good thing, but for me running around with the macro i want to see them, not that i really like them myself but with a safe distance of a 105mm lens it’s ok and they make for great subjects as they are usually quite still, as long as their web isn’t blowing around of course 😉



These two were hanging in the same web, and the morning sun shining through and between the leaves behind them made for a fascinating colour explosion.

These pictures can be found with many many others in the galleries “The world around us” and “Macro…a big little world” so please go in and have a look around!


I’m coming after you!!

It’s getting towards that time of year when the forests are full of wonderful weaved structures…and also their builders 😉


Truly fascinating for somebody who just loves being in the forest with their macro lens 🙂

The Weekend in Black and White

Hovering around…

Yep, I was hovering around in the garden after i’d cut the grass and noticed how the flowers were alive with something else hovering….hoverflies!


I had hoped to capture one hovering but i just didn’t have patience today, so i waited until they landed just infront of the macro and snapped away.


Such a small insect but like so many others fascinating when you get up close.

I hope the warm weather continues as it’s created an explosion of insects…which means heaven for a hobby photographer who loves macro and and can practice in our own back yard 🙂


Hope the weekend is warm and relaxing for you all and you can get out and enjoy nature!

As always these pictures can be found in “Macro…A big little world” along with many other images so go in and have a look!