Bad kids in the class..

Were out early Sunday morning to catch the sunrise in the morning mist, a beautiful experience although a little bit early for a sunday morning 😉 piccies from that will come a bit later..

After the sunrise it was a beautiful morning and couldn’t resist photoing the amazing sight of flock after flock of geese flying south for the winter.



At first there was order in the flocks, elegant patterns as hundreds of birds helped each other. These must have been the “good” boys and girls, up early and getting a good start to their long journey…

And then all hell broke loose, it must have been the late risers…grumpy because they didn’t have time for breakfast, climbed out the wrong side of their nests…



They were fighting, attacking each other, trying to knock each other out of the air..


And how on earth (or up in the air 😉 ) you can end up in this position i will never know!!   but they kept flying and i hope they all arrive safely at their final destination wherever it may be.

Hope you are all having a good week and travel safely wherever you may go!!


Magic mornings..

You maybe think we’re a bit on the crazy side, and maybe your right… But there is something magical about getting out with the camera before the sun has shown it’s face above the horizon.

This morning was just one of those mornings, in place a beautiful misty morning a whole hour before sunrise, to be there watching the sun exploding through the trees and across the countryside is really something special and something i will never tire of.


Today the venue was Sågdammen, just outside Våsterås. A perfect end to a weekend where most of my time has been spent looking through the camera 🙂

“The Weekend in Black and White”

Monochrome autumn..

The alarm set for 03.50 a Saturday morning, the reason was to be out and ready with the camera to capture the early morning mist and the sun rise.

Much to our disappointment we didn’t get to see either…every morning during my travels to work i’d been admiring the sunrise and mist over the fields but this just wasn’t our day.


Our destination was a nature reserve called Lappland, fortunately for us it was in the heart of Västmanland and not in the far north of Sweden 😉

Despite our disappointment over the weather the morning was spent in the most fantastic nature which gave many fine photo opportunities.

I was particularly happy with this macro of a flowering heather and it even worked in monochrome and will therefore be my contribution to..

“The Weekend in Black and White”

Please click above and visit the site to see lots more amazing B&W pictures from around the world.

Sad but true…

..and totally unavoidable.

It’s the arrival of autumn i’m talking about, and in Sweden it comes far to soon…or maybe i should say summer comes to an end far to soon 😦


This little mosquito (about 3mm long) sat on a fern leaf enjoying the days last rays of sun for the day…i wonder what happens to them in the bitterly cold winter?


At least the autumn has something to offer for a hobby photographer like myself. There is a kind of beauty within the structures of withering plants, and this together with the lower, warmer sun shining through the colourful foliage makes for an endless supply of subjects to search for 🙂


Here i was just sitting on a stone with a coffee cup in one hand and the Nikon in the other and was fascinated by the movement and colours of the layers of plants surrounding us. A typical picture that would normally have ended up in the bin but for some reason this one didn’t.


The days are getting shorther and the sun lower in the sky…but it just means we will have to be more effective with our valuable photo time 🙂

I’ll put these images in the Galleries so please go in and have a look around!

Amazing art..

I received a tip that while in Örebro i should take the time to travel the 20km to Kumla and visit an amazing sculpture park “Konst på hög” at the top of a ski slope.

After an exhausting climb up the hundreds of steps i reached the top, and an incredible view over the surrounding countryside and the opportunity to admire some wierd and wonderful sculptures.


This is a sculpture called “Waaall” by Lars Vilks

I can highly recomend this place if you are in the area…and as i discovered afterwards, you can take the car all the way up to the top if you want to miss out on the free exercise 😉

Being a fairly mixed day weather wise it bade a perfect subject for a B & W conversion.

You can find this image in “The Weekend in Black and White” together with many other pictures from tallented photographers.

This image and many others can also be found in the galleries…so please have a look around…And a wonderful weekend!!