Amazing art..

I received a tip that while in Örebro i should take the time to travel the 20km to Kumla and visit an amazing sculpture park “Konst på hög” at the top of a ski slope.

After an exhausting climb up the hundreds of steps i reached the top, and an incredible view over the surrounding countryside and the opportunity to admire some wierd and wonderful sculptures.


This is a sculpture called “Waaall” by Lars Vilks

I can highly recomend this place if you are in the area…and as i discovered afterwards, you can take the car all the way up to the top if you want to miss out on the free exercise 😉

Being a fairly mixed day weather wise it bade a perfect subject for a B & W conversion.

You can find this image in “The Weekend in Black and White” together with many other pictures from tallented photographers.

This image and many others can also be found in the galleries…so please have a look around…And a wonderful weekend!!


4 thoughts on “Amazing art..

    • Why thank you 🙂
      It’s well worth taking advantage of the free exercise…but it was really tough and took a few minutes before i had got my breath again.
      I have a few images of the steps and the other sculptures so i’ll have to get them posted soon 🙂
      Many thanks again!


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