Sad but true…

..and totally unavoidable.

It’s the arrival of autumn i’m talking about, and in Sweden it comes far to soon…or maybe i should say summer comes to an end far to soon 😦


This little mosquito (about 3mm long) sat on a fern leaf enjoying the days last rays of sun for the day…i wonder what happens to them in the bitterly cold winter?


At least the autumn has something to offer for a hobby photographer like myself. There is a kind of beauty within the structures of withering plants, and this together with the lower, warmer sun shining through the colourful foliage makes for an endless supply of subjects to search for 🙂


Here i was just sitting on a stone with a coffee cup in one hand and the Nikon in the other and was fascinated by the movement and colours of the layers of plants surrounding us. A typical picture that would normally have ended up in the bin but for some reason this one didn’t.


The days are getting shorther and the sun lower in the sky…but it just means we will have to be more effective with our valuable photo time 🙂

I’ll put these images in the Galleries so please go in and have a look around!


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