Bad kids in the class..

Were out early Sunday morning to catch the sunrise in the morning mist, a beautiful experience although a little bit early for a sunday morning 😉 piccies from that will come a bit later..

After the sunrise it was a beautiful morning and couldn’t resist photoing the amazing sight of flock after flock of geese flying south for the winter.



At first there was order in the flocks, elegant patterns as hundreds of birds helped each other. These must have been the “good” boys and girls, up early and getting a good start to their long journey…

And then all hell broke loose, it must have been the late risers…grumpy because they didn’t have time for breakfast, climbed out the wrong side of their nests…



They were fighting, attacking each other, trying to knock each other out of the air..


And how on earth (or up in the air 😉 ) you can end up in this position i will never know!!   but they kept flying and i hope they all arrive safely at their final destination wherever it may be.

Hope you are all having a good week and travel safely wherever you may go!!


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