Teddy Bears Picnic…

….or dinner for one!!

Following so many photo sides on FB we couldn’t help but see that there was something extra special moving around in the forests and fields fairly close to us. It’s not very often there is a bear sigting this far south in Sweden and we couldn’t help but join the hundreds of people that had parked up nearby to view this unusual sight.


And he/she didn’t seem in the least bit bothered by the audience. Eating from the field, walking a bit, laying back down, eating again…

So fantastic to get the opportunity to photo a real live bear not in captivity.

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Have a great week!!


On the autumn theme….

…but slowly moving towards winter!

Yesterday morning the alarm was set for 05.30 A trip out with the cameras to a favourite place we haven’t been to for a few months…”Strövstig” 3,5km in Svanå.

-3° C was the temperature showing on the cars dashboard, and when we were there the frost was glistening on the trees and in the grass in the first on the early morning light.


But at this time of year you don’t have many minutes to capture the ice crystals…for as soon as the sun strikes them small drops of water start forming instead, and the glistening white turns back to autumn colours again….for a few more weeks anyway 😉

Hope you all have a safe week!!

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The summers last flowers??

I wonder if these can be the last of the summers flowers that are still hanging on in?

So sad that this time is soon over so thought it would work with a Black and White conversion..


It’s time to start enjoying the delights that the coming seasons have to offer 🙂

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Have a wonderful week!!

I can understand why..

…so many people take photos of sunsets.

Having a photo interest i follow a number of blogs, pages on Facebook and instergram. This time of year it feels like every other picture is of the sun setting and the wonderful colours and cloud formations…and i have to admit, there is something magical about it.


It’s also a photographic challenge…Shutter speeds, ISO, White balance etc. I always try to use the camera to create what i want and try to keep Photoshop useage to a minimum. So most of these pictures are direct from the camera, with just a little tweek on sharpness and levels in PS.


All these picture were taken from the same spot, North Björnö in Västerås 2nd October between 6-7 in the evening

Even the rest of out environment is affected by the sunset, with the wonderful colours being reflected on the rocks, water, trees and houses. The next two pictures were taken byt the side of where i was standing with a shutter time of about 10 seconds to achieve a softer look on the choppy water and a different WB to achieve a slightly warmer/colder look.



Finally i had to include this picture. Sometimes if the result doesn’t say what i want or the desired effect isn’t there but i like the subject then i can play a bit with it a bit in the tools we have. I liked this picture but it just felt a bit lifeless so i have played with a plugin we have in PS called HDR efex pro2 and was very pleased with the result 🙂


Remember…when autumn is upon us and the winter is arriving, take the time to look around and up and make the most of what the seasons have to offer.

Take care!!

Alternative sunset..

As always the autumn is a time of colours…the leaves on the trees, misty mornings with the sun shining through across the fields, and beautiful sunsets.

I took myself out yesterday evening to see if i could capture the magic of an autumn sunset and there were a few nice pictures and effects.

The low sun also creates some wonderful effects around us, with long shaddows and strong contrasts. I noticed the rocks on the shore besides where i was standing and couldn’t resist capturing them. Being quite dark i had a shutter time of about 10 seconds and this made the very choppy sea melt into the rocks but still have some structure…in my eyes a great photo for a B & W conversion 🙂_DSC4416-bw-web

A perfect start to the weekend with i hope some more trips out with the Nikon 🙂

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Have a good weekend all!! 🙂