Alternative sunset..

As always the autumn is a time of colours…the leaves on the trees, misty mornings with the sun shining through across the fields, and beautiful sunsets.

I took myself out yesterday evening to see if i could capture the magic of an autumn sunset and there were a few nice pictures and effects.

The low sun also creates some wonderful effects around us, with long shaddows and strong contrasts. I noticed the rocks on the shore besides where i was standing and couldn’t resist capturing them. Being quite dark i had a shutter time of about 10 seconds and this made the very choppy sea melt into the rocks but still have some structure…in my eyes a great photo for a B & W conversion 🙂_DSC4416-bw-web

A perfect start to the weekend with i hope some more trips out with the Nikon 🙂

Follow the link below to see many more amazing B&W images from some very tallented photographers at..

“The Weekend in Black and White”

Have a good weekend all!! 🙂


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