I can understand why..

…so many people take photos of sunsets.

Having a photo interest i follow a number of blogs, pages on Facebook and instergram. This time of year it feels like every other picture is of the sun setting and the wonderful colours and cloud formations…and i have to admit, there is something magical about it.


It’s also a photographic challenge…Shutter speeds, ISO, White balance etc. I always try to use the camera to create what i want and try to keep Photoshop useage to a minimum. So most of these pictures are direct from the camera, with just a little tweek on sharpness and levels in PS.


All these picture were taken from the same spot, North Björnö in Västerås 2nd October between 6-7 in the evening

Even the rest of out environment is affected by the sunset, with the wonderful colours being reflected on the rocks, water, trees and houses. The next two pictures were taken byt the side of where i was standing with a shutter time of about 10 seconds to achieve a softer look on the choppy water and a different WB to achieve a slightly warmer/colder look.



Finally i had to include this picture. Sometimes if the result doesn’t say what i want or the desired effect isn’t there but i like the subject then i can play a bit with it a bit in the tools we have. I liked this picture but it just felt a bit lifeless so i have played with a plugin we have in PS called HDR efex pro2 and was very pleased with the result 🙂


Remember…when autumn is upon us and the winter is arriving, take the time to look around and up and make the most of what the seasons have to offer.

Take care!!


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