On the autumn theme….

…but slowly moving towards winter!

Yesterday morning the alarm was set for 05.30 A trip out with the cameras to a favourite place we haven’t been to for a few months…”Strövstig” 3,5km in Svanå.

-3° C was the temperature showing on the cars dashboard, and when we were there the frost was glistening on the trees and in the grass in the first on the early morning light.


But at this time of year you don’t have many minutes to capture the ice crystals…for as soon as the sun strikes them small drops of water start forming instead, and the glistening white turns back to autumn colours again….for a few more weeks anyway 😉

Hope you all have a safe week!!

Please click on the like below to see lots of other amazing Black and White images.

“The Weekend in Black and White”


7 thoughts on “On the autumn theme….

    • Thankyou 🙂 The header image is from a place called Knuthöjdsmossen. A truly magical place in the heart of Sweden that i long to visit again.


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