One for the Rum lovers out there..

Yeah man!!

We have recently returned from our dream holiday to the island of Jamaica, and what a fantastic time we had.

There will be many more…and a lot more colourful pictures coming soon, but firstly a piccie from one of our trips out, a visit to the Appleton Rum Distillery 🙂

Appleton Distillery, Jamaica

Appleton Distillery, Jamaica

This is the ageing room….a massive room, filled with thousands of barrels of Rum ageing for up to 50 years in oak barrels.

We managed to get a bottle of 12yo home with us and oh how i can recomend it….but do not ruin it with cola 😉

I will be back with more about Appleton and the beautiful Jamaica…but in the mean time please click on the link below and have a look at many more B & W pics at..

“The Weekend in Black and White”