A bit about Gazzmo…


So who is Gazzmo..?

I believe i received the name Gazzmo from colleagues at a job in London some 20+ years ago, a name i was quite ok with and have used in various situations where you need a “handle” eg video/tv games. When i started thinking of a name for my photo blog and Facebook side i thought why not, “Gazzmos Photo” it can be 😉

Anyway, my name is Gary Carter, an Englishman who grew up in Newark and Lincoln, before moving south to London to study and work as a model maker, and there i was for about 8 years.

1998 came a move to Sweden, and after working as a Mechanical engineer in and around Stockholm and Falun, i have finally 2013 landed in Västerås where i live together with my wonderful partner and the biggest inspiration in photography, Susanne.

I have two teenage daughters of my own and Susanne has provided me with 3 bonus kids, one teenager and two of them grown up.

Photo has always been a passion of mine and during my college years there was a whole lot of time spent in the dark room at school…even to the extent that i was locked in school sometimes 😉 2013 i was given a Nikon system camera by my parents and the hobby was on the go again.

Susanne and I are often out and about in the countryside, trying to explore new places. Although we do have some favourite venues and you will see that certain places will pop up from time to time 🙂

I always have as a target to produce pictures as closely as i want directly in the camera, although from time to time i feel the need to, or get the urge to play with some of the editing tools we have on the computer, this can be to just tweek the picture a bit or even create something totally different and exciting.


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