Welcome to Gazzmos Photo


Welcome to a place where i want to share the products of my hobby…my passion, for photography.

Together with my partner Susanne, we spend a great deal of our free time out and about trying to explore new places of interest. We have a sort of goal to try and visit all the Nature reserves in our home county of Västmanland…although the list seems to be endless and we keep returning to new found favourites.

I had never really been a nature or outdoor person but now i have discovered the magic, the wonders that nature has to offer and the peace and quiet when you are miles from civilisation…i’m sort of hooked.

Skultuna, Västmanland

To have a look at what i’ve been up you please click into  What’s he been up to? where I will keep you updated on my activities out and about with the camera.

Here i will also try to link to the Galleries where the most recent photos are placed.

It would be great if you’d write a word or two to say hello if you pop by, or help me to improve with any tips or tricks…it’s always fun to learn something new!!

In the garden

In the garden


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Gazzmos Photo

  1. Loved your partner´s foton from “Lappland”. Wonderful to have a passion;
    wish I had one, but I´m all over the map. Skogvaktardotter från allra djupaste
    skogen mellan Nyhammar och Björbo. Sister och brother-in-law owned forest
    in and around Nyhyttan, not too far from where you are, I believe.
    Will check in on “What´s he been up to?” Ciao!


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